Social Program

September 17th, 2015
18:00-19:00 Pre-conference Meeting
(Invited only)
The Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei
19:00-21:30 Speakers Dinner Party
(Invited only)
September 18th, 2015
09:00-10:00 Opening Ceremony
(Applicable to all participants)
Room 201, 2F, TICC
17:00-18:00 Board Meeting
(Board member only)
18:30-21:30 Welcome Reception - Taiwan Night
(Invited only)
Jade Restaurant, 2F, TICC
September 19th, 2015
15:00-16:00 Closing Ceremony and Taiwan Declaration
(Applicable to all participants)
Room 201, 2F, TICC
18:30-21:30 Gala Dinner- Asia Night
(Invited & Foreign participant only)
Banquet Hall, 3F, TICC
September 20th, 2015
08:00-12:00 Conference Half-Day Tour
(Foreign participant only)
Taipei City


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